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EB Sports Tours provides your agency with enough inventory to meet your sales demands and allowing EB Sports Tours to take care of your tour operations will free you to concentrate on maximizing sales opportunities. From reservations to charter flights and hotel check-ins, EB Sports Tours handles every facet of the tour in a smooth, efficient and professional way. And of course, EB Sports Tours’ experienced, on-site staff are ready to provide the highest quality service at all our tour locations.


EB Sports Tours represents a team of some of the most innovative and creative marketing and tour management personnel in the industry. Our marketing strategies and operations are sound, advanced and proven. EB Sports Tours is continually striving to build the most powerful network of corporate partners and travel agencies across the country.

Corporate partners benefit by supplying important clientele with our top-quality tours in order to maintain strong client relationships. They can also take advantage of our corporate incentive programs for inter-staff rewards and benefits.

Travel agency affiliates become strong team-members of our sales and marketing network in their areas, with both sides working to provide a mutual advantage in both sales and customer satisfaction.


The EB Sports Tours production team have created and produced large-group tour packages for a wide variety of clientele to a wide variety of special event destinations across the nation. Our commitment to serving the needs of each individual client virtually guarantees customer satisfaction. This allows you to fully concentrate on sales and maximizing profit.


The EB Sports Tours team-members combine to boast in-depth experience in almost every major sporting event in the U.S. including all major college bowl games, NCAA Final Four basketball, the Masters, NHL Hockey, the Super Bowl and the World Series. Other upcoming programs include the Olympic Games among many other client-customized requests.





Composed of an elite and experienced group of event specialists, EB Sports Tours utilizes its industry knowledge in travel and destination management to offer the most complete, value-packed tour packages possible.


EB Sports Tours ensures that all aspects of your tour are completed to the highest possible standards. Our programs are geared for customer satisfaction so that you may expand your clientele base and strengthen your agency’s reputation for quality service. When your sales are done, you can sit back and enjoy your successful program. We understand that leisure tours are only a part of your yearly business and strive to give you a lasting advantage as an EB Sports Tours team-member. The stronger you are next year, the better we may be able to reach our market with you when we return to your area!


Our organization puts an unequaled emphasis on passenger and corporate client/travel agent satisfaction. To this end, we pride ourselves not only on our efforts leading up to and during tour dates but also after the completion of our tours.

EB Sports Tours strives to ensure through on-site surveys, corporate partner/agency call-backs and customer service operations, that every client is completely satisfied. We are the only tour operators with the commitment to this level of post-tour service. This type of special client-care is crucial in elevating your program’s success to the next level.