EB Sports provides your agency with fully scalable inventory to meet your sales demands at every level. From on-line reservations to charter flights and hotel check-ins, EB Sports handles all facets of each event in a smooth, efficient and professional way. And of course, our signature experienced, on-site staff always stands ready to provide the highest quality service on any of our tour or event locations.



ResFlash is the company’s state-of-the-art web-based reservations system that allows tour participants to book packages directly over the internet, through web portals linked to the host university, association or company’s current websites. Inventory is tracked in real-time and can be monitored, on-demand by the host client. Reservations Management, Event Inventory, Flight and Hotel Reports, E-Travel Documents - our reservations system does it all! ResFlash implements constant updates and enhancements to ensure that it keeps ahead of the ever-changing technology requirements of the events industry.


EB Sports Tours ensures that all aspects of your tour or event are prepared to exceed the highest possible industry standards. Our programs are geared for customer satisfaction so that you may expand your clientele base and strengthen your agency’s reputation for quality service. When your sales are done, you can sit back and enjoy your successful program. We understand that leisure specialty tours are only a part of your yearly business. Therefore, we strive to give you the ability to maximize and leverage these events to their fullest potential as a powerful advantage of being an EB Sports team-member. The stronger you are this year, the better we may be able to reach your market as our partner on the next event!


Our organization puts an unequaled emphasis on passenger and travel agent satisfaction. To this end, we pride ourselves not only on our efforts leading up to and during tour dates but also upon completion of our tours. EB Sports strives to ensure that every client is completely satisfied utilizing a high-contact customer service approach from the reservations process through to on-site operations. After the event is completed, we have also conducted online surveys and customer call-backs (with client permission, of course). This helps to solidify the success of our programs and to allow us to continually stay on the cutting edge of understanding client requirements and expectations in our ever-changing world. We are the only tour operators with the commitment to this level of post-tour service. This type of special client-care is crucial in elevating your program’s success to the next level.